Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thank you Hasbro!

I don't often say it, but somtimes Hasbro has their head on straight. Look at this thread on the Transformers message board TFW2005, the first and fourth posts show this boxarts for unreleased repaints of Dinobots. Good golly.... Those colors are soo freaking horrible, words have no power....

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Sarah Mitt said...

I'm so confused by this... you say Hasbro has their head on straight but the colors are horrible?

This links aren't the most helpful, I can't really tell but I guess we are suppose to take the first link in the tfw thread that takes you to a page on ebay that has a listing of about 20 GI Joe things and some TF things but I didn't know what to click on. Why don't you link directly to a picture of the reprints?