Friday, July 11, 2008

Why does Bandai do this to me?

So, months ago, the Gundam 00 series comes out, and Bandai starts making models. I don't usually get 1/144 scale models, but the design of the Exia intrigues me, so when the 1/100 High Grade Exia comes out, I got it for my birthday. Good kit, btw. Anyhow, the one part of that kit that kinda bugged me was that these gray panels on the arms needed stickers instead of having a part molded in color. I mean, there was no reason for it not to be molded in color. Later the 1/60 Exia came out and it was the same, so I figured it just must be something about the design on the arm, right?

Wrong! I was looking at the Gundam Astrea Type F, and it has a part for fitting in that slot for making that part of the arm grey! Look!

Man, why do they do this? It's not like any technical leaps have been made in the past couple months that make this possible. It's just that Bandai was lazy or something when they were designing the Exia, and they decided to not be lazy for the Astrea releases. Bums.

Of course, that's not going to stop me from buying their kits, but still!

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