Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

As a present to everyone, some more news!

A recent hobby show in Japan also showcased a display of the upcoming GT-R Alternity. First off, the car itself is a really gorgeous piece of work.

Standing behind the car is a large banner displaying what looks like a boxart for the Alternity figure. The things on the arm that I originally thought were claws, and then thought that they were gone, are still there, and they are pop out arm cannons, so maybe it won't be coming with a gun.

In addition to showing cool pics and linearts of Transformers, the banner also shows some snazzy pics of the car itself and its various parts.

Shown here is the Alternity Convoy itself. There are two variants for this figure. One is this silver one shown, and the other is a red and blue version to keep with Convoy's traditional color scheme. They only had the silver variant here.

This figure is just awesome. I love the look and design of it. It's basically a figure with the complexity of a Binaltech, the size of a Deluxe class figure, and the complex surface detail spearheaded by the Movie toys. It's really an awesome thing.

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Sarah said...

Until I doubled checked that you really said it was a hobby show it totally looked like a car show! I like the huge poster of the robot mode.

That is an awesome looking figure. Looks strong and perfectly constructed.