Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yay for Citroen stuffs!

Anyhow, something on the internet caught my attention and I decided that I was going to find all those Citroen commercial things. First of all, while I was looking, I found some vids of a customized Citroen C2 at a recent London car show. This thing was cool, sporting a strangely alien look, with organic looking parts, mechanical looking parts, and video displays everywhere. It only has one seat inside, but has a really awesome internal setup. Next, I found the full version of the dancing Citroen commercial. It's almost twice as long, and show the car stretching it's servos before it's video debut. This ad became somewhat of a cultural hit, and a spoof of it came out soon afterward. At a publicity event, Citroen hired a pair of dancers to dress up as car robots and move to the music, that's cool too. Lastly, Citroen made a new commercial, this one was ice skating, instead of dancing. Notice, it's the same make and model of car, completely different transformation. And what sparked my interest in this? The man who directed the original dancing Citroen commercial is directing the Halo movie.


Sarah Mitt said...

That ice skating one was freaking sweet!

Dr. Strangelove said...

I'm about to buy a C5, but the one I got my eye on doesn't do any of this... I guess it's an option :)