Sunday, August 17, 2008

Way early prototype of the MG Infinite Justice

Found this in my random wanderings of the internet. Bandai just showed off a very early prototype of the upcoming Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam.

Bandai did a really good job with the MG SEED Gundams so far, this one should be no exception to it.

You can see that the build is really early. All that's being worked on at the moment is the external sculpt of it. You can see that many parts that would be moving or removable are one solid piece.

Also missing is the signature backpack/glider/booster thing.

I've been of two minds about this MS. I've never liked the color of it, I think it would be much better in a deep red instead of the pinkish color it comes in, but if I ever got myself a pink Gundam, this would probably be it. I'll be following this and posting updates as I find them!

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