Sunday, January 07, 2007

My review of Yamato's 1/60 YF-19

So, on Saturday, I was sitting at home, working on a puzzle, when I hear the doorbell ring. My sister went to the door, talked to a guy there, then went about her business. Later my mom pokes her head in and says, "Zak, you know there's a big box here for you?" I go out to take a look, and sure enough, there's this massive box sitting in the hallway. I take it to my room and start cutting it open. The box is pretty nice, but not fantastic or anything, it's only purpose is to just carry the plane. And what a nice looking plane it is!

Back when Yamato first started, their first toy was the 1/72 scale YF-19. It was nice, and pretty revolutionary, certainly compared to the Macross figures of the time, but there were still some flaws that bothered fans. The sculpt was a bit off, and some of the parts didn't line up as they should. Still, despite those flaws, it was widely accepted by Macross Plus fans. Later, Yamato started rereleasing their Macross Plus figures with FAST packs, which provide additional weaponry and armor. However, despite high demand from the fans, the YF-19 never got rereleased. This plane is probably the reason why.

I've been crazy about this plane since I first saw Macross Plus, and I have been wanting a transforming YF-19 since I first saw the Studio Half-Eye kit back in high school. After taking a long look at this, I think the thing I like best about the plane is that nice long neck it has. It really makes it look elegant.

Traditionally, the gerwalk or Guardian mode has always been my favorite mode, and that's where most of my valkyries and veritechs stay. The gerwalk mode of the YF-19 is truely nice. After growing up with a Transformers Jetfire, I have really loved that the Yamato valks hold this really nice nose down gerwalk pose. It really just makes them look great!

This is another example of pictures making a better review than the words. Yamato has really outdone themselves with this one! The battroid mode is nice and stable, and able to make and hold a dynamic pose.

Yamato even took the time to add in a few nice details, like internals on the head, and a removable gun clip.

Here are a few comparison shots of the YF-19. Here is the YF-19 next to a Yamato 1/60 VF-1S, you can see how much bigger the YF-19 is.

Here are a few comparison shots with the old 1/65 scale VF-19. You can really see how much better the articulation, sculpting and detailing is on the YF-19.

From the back is where you can really see the differences. The old VF-19 had almost hollow legs, and a lot of stubby parts.

All in all, I think this is one of the better figures I've gotten, and will remain with my Aquarion as a pinnacle of transforming robots.

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