Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tron 2 Trailer

I was browsing the internet, and I came across this trailer for Tron 2. This was, BTW, the first time I heard there was going to be a sequel. Apparently Jeff Bridges will be in it, reprising his role as Flynn (I that that was the guy's name) and it looks like it will be amazing. Due out in 2010.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

And now for something completely different, Quantum Computing!

I was browsing the feeds in my Gmail account, and I found this link, and I'll quote what it says.

ScienceDaily (June 17, 2007) — Researchers at Delft University of Technology have succeeded in carrying out calculations with two quantum bits, the building blocks of a possible future quantum computer. The Delft researchers are publishing an article about this important step towards a workable quantum computer in this week's issue of Nature.

Quantum computers have superior qualities in comparison to the type of computers currently in use. If they are realised, then quantum computers will be able to carry out tasks that are beyond the abilities of all normal computers.

A quantum computer is based on the amazing properties of quantum systems. In these a quantum bit, also known as a qubit, exists in two states at the same time and the information from two qubits is entangled in a way that has no equivalent whatsoever in the normal world.

It is highly likely that workable quantum computers will need to be produced using existing manufacturing techniques from the chip industry. Working on this basis, scientists at Delft University of Technology are currently studying two types of qubits: one type makes use of tiny superconducting rings, and the other makes use of 'quantum dots'.

Now for the first time a 'controlled-NOT' calculation with two qubits has been realised with the superconducting rings. This is important because it allows any given quantum calculation to be realised.

The result was achieved by the PhD student Jelle Plantenberg in the team led by Kees Harmans and Hans Mooij. The research took place within the FOM (Dutch Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter) concentration group for Solid State Quantum Information Processing.

This is really amazing! Quantum computers are computers that instead of using the presence or lack thereof of an electron to calculate, they use electron spin and quantum interaction to calculate, thereby going beyond the familiar binary base to a more advanced and powerful computing language! This kind of calculation has been theorized for years, but here it is being put to use! This is cool, soon this technology can be harnessed, and then you will begin to see quantum computing start to show up in your everyday life. Mark this, people, this is a technological turning point!

Visit for more information.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here's a linart for the Transformers Alternity figure first displayed at the Tokyo Toy Show and I posted an article about here. This toy continues to impress me. The claw-looking devices that pop out of the arms look cool, and are a good way to make the bulk on the arm less like kibble, and more like weapon storage. The linart and the prototype aren't the same same. Let me post the prototype pic:

There's some difference in the feet and in where the hood goes, but it seems to stay fairly true. I'm so excited for this!

Readjustment time

I've been shirking on my blogging duties as of late. I recently got a job, so I'm adjusting my life to having a real schedule. Not always the easiest thing, and my blog has been taking a back seat as of late. Well, actually, a lot of things in my life have been taking a back seat.

The latest thing I've picked up has been Lightwave 3D. I have reaffirmed my decision to work at Pixar, and so I'm learning 3D programs now. I'm working on building a stunning portfolio, one skill at a time. As my skills progress, I'll post some of my work here on my blog.

BTW, I've been listening to the Wall-E soundtrack, it's completely awesome!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Figma Saber Review

Today I'm going to be offering my thoughts on the Figma Saber, by the Good Smile Company. This figure is the third release in the Figma line. I'm not sure how the Good Smile Company got their start, but it's obvious that they know what they're doing.

I saw the Fate/Stay Night series, and I fell in love with the Saber character. Kaiyodo came out with a Revoltech version of her, and then came out with a Dark Saber version, from the Heaven's Feel scenario of the original game. I bought both, then later decided to get this figure.

Saber comes with four sets of hands. Two fists, two relaxed hands, two grippping hands, and two option hands. The left option hand is a pointing finger, and the right option hand is a open hand. The left relaxed hand has a small hole in the middle of it, the right size for a sword handle. This helps for the classic pose where Saber rests her hands on the handle of her sword.

She also comes with two swords, the Caliburn and the Excalibur. Now, I know that Caliburn and Excalibur are two names for the same sword, but the mythos for this series is understandably different. For starters, King Arthur was a man. In the F/SN mythos, the Caliburn was the sword she pulled from the stone to become king of the Britons, and then later it broke or something, and she got Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.

Both swords come with sheathes, and are very well detailed. From the gold inlay on the handle of the Caliburn, to the engraving on the blade of the Excalibur, everything is sharply painted, and intricately molded.

Saber also comes with three faces. A regular calm face, an angry face, and a yelling face. These are well molded and detailed, and convey emotion very well.

The best parts of this figure, I feel, is the joints. Before I go any further, I need to say that I really love the Revoltech Sabers, and think that they are really awesome figures, but that being said, if the Revoltech Sabers are a ten, Figma Saber is a 12, at least. I mean, she's that good. The joints aren't click joints like the trademark Revoltech joints, so they have an endless amount of positions you can keep them in. This allows for a huge amount of character and nuance in the pose of the figure.

The sculpting is incredible. From head to toe, inside and out, everything is carefully molded and detailed. The people at the Good Smile Company are obviously people who love their jobs.

All Figma releases come with a stand, molded from clear plastic, with a peg that plugs into the back of the figure. This is much easier to work with than the base that plugs into the foot of the Revoltech Saber. Though actually, the only times I've needed the base is for jumping poses.

The Figma version is smaller in height than the Revoltech one, but it is still a good 7 inches tall.

Here's a cool detail. If you pull on the waist balljoint, it comes off, and you can remove the chest armor and there is the detail of her shirt underneath.

All in all, this figure is the best Saber figure I've seen, and it was well well worth my $30. Go get one!