Monday, June 23, 2008

GFF NT-1 Alex

All pics scalped from GA Graphic's site. All text scalped from me.

Also, I'm trying a new image host site. I've heard that supports unlimited storage and bandwidth, so that's pretty cool. It doesn't batch files automatically, but it'll uncompress ZIP files, so it's almost the same thing. If anyone is having trouble viewing this, just say so in the comments, and I'll get to the bottom of it.

The NT-1 Alex is one of the main mecha from Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. The design gimmick of it was magnetic coated joints for increased speed. The EFSF star pilot/deus ex machina Amuro Ray was showing reaction time that outstripped the capabilities of the RX-78-2, and so the EFSF was designing this new MS for him. The Gundam NT-1 Alex also includes a panoramic display for increased visibility, The first Gundam to have one, I think.

The Gundam FIX Figuration line of figures are high detail figures designed and overseen by Hajime Katoki. Well, he doesn't design them all, the original designer was a man named Yutaka Izubuchi who later went on to design mecha for Char's Counterattack and is probably best known and the designer and director for RahXephon.

No, Hajime Katoki just slathers 100% pure awesomeness over every mecha design he touches, and he releases them to the general public. The Alex is no exception to this. The lines and angles are very sharp and detailed, and the panels are covered with the trademark Katoki decals which make it look awesome.

Hopefully the armor is not a pain in the butt like it was for the MSiA incarnation. It was tough to get on, and you had to remove the beam sabers any time you wanted to switch. Oh, and at some point my Alex's leg decided it never wanted to stay on again. But I don't expect that'll be a problem with the GFF, they've usually stuck together pretty well. The only real exception I've had to that is the arms of my GFF Gundam Ver Ka like to fall off from time to time. The joint system for the shoulder of the Alex looks to be similar, but I'm sure they stay on better.

Most of the GFF lineup features Mobile Suits with swappable parts to reconfigure the figure to another MS, but aside from a rather noticable seam around the collar, there's nothing to suggest that. No seams on the legs or anything.

The other figure gimmick, besides the pop-out gatlings in the arms, is the Chobham armor. First of all, where did that name come from? I envision someone at Sunrise:
"Hey! I made this snazzy armor for the Alex! What should I call it?"
"I dunno, how about Chobham?"
"Chobham? Where the crap did that come from?"
"I dunno, I was thinking about naming my firstborn son that, but I felt that Steve was a better name."
"Um, okay, whatever dude..."

The Chobham armor is nicely made, with panel lines in all the right places. This is only a gray prototype version, but I'm sure the final version will have the correct color, which is, uh, actually, about that shade of gray. Also I'm sure it will have little tiny decals all over it. This IS Katoki, after all.

Kinda sad that we only get this front view, because I can't quite figure out how that armor attaches. I'm sure the shoulder armor just snaps on top, and the skirt armor is a real no-brainer. The forearm armor looks like the top and either side is one part, and that slides on top, and then the back attaches to encase the arm. I'm sure that the chest and back armor goes on kinda like the HGUC armor, but I can't tell from this angle. And I have no idea how the leg armor works. There does look like there's a little seam around the front panelling of the leg. Hmmm....

In the end, it looks like a bulked up body builder or a guy in football armor. I like the Alex, and if I have the money, I may pick it up.

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