Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grafios: MMS Type Scorpion

First up in the lineup of the new Busou Shinkis is Grafios, a Scorpion Type. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, "GET SOME CLOTHES ON, WOMAN!" The second thing had something to do with how sweet her armor looked. I've always like the way the colors red and black went together.

Some things of note on this figure, first of all, the figure itself adheres to one of the anime stereotypes of elves. Namely, she has to have dark skin, pointy ears, very light hair, and be nearly expressionless. Oh, and have a huge rack, but that's kind of a general anime staple. Someone on the Busou Shinki World wondered whether or not Konami was going to come out with a MMS Naked body to match it. I should have pointed out to him that all she needs is some ethyl alchohol and it'll be a naked body anyhow. For that matter, my Tigris is molded mostly in skintone, but she at least has paint on her.

The designer for this wave is the same who designed Eukrante and Ianiera, so that also explains the overdeveloped chest on Grafios. I swear, when I see animeish characters with a tiny waist and a large chest, it makes me think of Ms. Shikijo from Mahoromatic.

The armor looks really good on her. It'd be nice if it formed more of a body armor config instead of mostly attaching on the back, and not just because it would make her more decent.

There are some little door looking things on the scorpion claws, the parts that are hanging to either side of the figures shoulders. They are probably little missile doors.

The scorpion mode is pretty nice though. A nice looking mecha scorpion. This thing probably has about 50 joints, and I don't even know how many parts.

In the end, my verdict is that this is a Shinki with good armor, but a bad body. Next on the list, MMS Type Bat!

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