Monday, June 23, 2008

Wesperio: MMS Type Bat

I now bring the other half of the Wave 10 Busou Shinki preview. This figure is named Wesperio.

The first thing I notice when I look at her is probably that she seems to have less armor than her Scorpion counterpart. You know, less pieces, smaller pieces, just not as good of a deal all round. A couple really cool points about this figure are, first of all, the black and blue color scheme is very nice, and her red hair makes a spot of vividness in the middle of it all. Also, she seems to specialize in ranged weapons vs Grapios's melee weapons. She carries those rifles in her hands, and the armor parts sticking over her shoulders make it look like she has cannons. Cool!

One unfortunate aspect of this figure is that it is lacking in the clothing department as well. I know this seems like a very minor thing to rant about, since it's the same mold regardless of what color it's molded or painted in, but still, it's the idea of the thing! Modest is hottest, right?

Here's a wider shot of Wesperio showing the full armors. I'm sure she has a lot more in the box that don't attach on the 'official' configuration. Every Shinki so far seems to be like that.

Next up is a couple shots of the armor by itself, in its bat form. This is a new trend in the Shinkis. Starting with wave 9, the Shinkis have had a form for the armor itself, and also the configuration for the armor combined with the figure. I wonder if this is going to have some effect in Battle Rondo, the Busou Shinki free downloadable game.

This brings us to the last couple pictures of this post.

The armors combine to form a dragon configuration. The dragon is very very cool looking and looks very believable. In fact, I'd wager that these armors were designed with the dragon mode first, and the Bat/Scorpion modes second.

All in all, I think that my feeling for Wesperio is the same as my feeling for Grapios. Namely, I like the armors almost as much as I dislike the bodies. Unless I can find someone who's willing to split the cost of a set with me, I doubt I'm going to get these.

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