Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My new addiction...

I mean, diversion. Honest! I don't actually play two or three, um, or ten games of this before I go to bed. All reports of my having spent a solid hour experimenting with new techniques have been obviously exaggerated! And I certainly didn't ask anyone or translate the text so I could play the game better!

That said, this game rocks.

It's called Nanaca Crash! and it's a fun little Shockwave game I ran across in my Internet travels. Basically, the objective is to drive up on a bike, and hit a poor, unwitting, and (from the attacks of the ladies) probably pervy upperclassman. You click and hold the mouse button when the angle is what you want, then you release when the power is what you want. Wheee!!! The guy goes flying! Scattered in random order throughout the level is various classmates. The guys either make him slow down, or they change the angle. The girls attack the guy, boosting him faster or higher. One girl, a tall, dark haired, nihilistic looking one will avoid him, then block the next person he encounters, kinda annoying. And then another one, her picture icon has a green border, will end the round, as he grabs onto her, as though for respite. Now, you also have the option of teleporting your bike in, and bashing the guy again. When he is angling down, and you have a red arrow attack left, you'll boost the guy back up. You only have three of these, so be careful. When he is angling up, and the blue boost is charged, you can hit him down, possibly into a person who will boost him further. The blue attack recharges while he is in a 'zone' and can be used theoretically indefinitely, so long as you play your cards right.
Last but not least, the Specials. A box in the upper right hand corner stays dark most of the time, but certain events activate specials. They have a girl icon on them. When the guy hits a girl with the icon lit, click the mouse at that moment, and she will perform a special, which is a super boost, and funny to watch. Keep trying to see how far you can toss the upperclassman!

And I'm not addicted. *twitch* Honest.

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Sarah Mitt said...

Ok thats really demented a game!

My high score so far is 1289.55m