Monday, July 03, 2006

Rockman ZX

Okay, abyone reading this blog, (all two of you...) should know that I am a HUGE fan of the Megaman X series. X1-X6 were all fantastic, one story led to the next game, that was nice. X7 and X8 seem to take place in some alternate timeline where Zero never went to sleep in a capsule, and X befriended some loser named Axl. (Personally, I think 7 and 8 should have chronicled the Elf Wars mentioned in MMZ...) Anyhow, Megaman Zero is a series for the GBA that takes place 100 years after the X series. Sigma is yesterday's news, X and his Maverick Hunters have created a utpoia for humans, but have done it by radically eradicating Reploids, even ones that aren't Maverick. X has built his generals, four Reploids built off his design, and he and they become the new antagonists. (BTW, I have no idea what it is about Zero, but he is just cool, no matter what he's doing...) Anyhow, there is a story that takes place some time after MMZ, called Rockman ZX (in US I'm sure it'll be Megaman ZX). This game is gonna rock so hard! Basically, it features two young protagonists, a boy and a girl, possibly siblings, and they recieve these Live Metal items, that when activated, transform them into a representation of the Reploid it was made from. You start with a Megaman and a Zero Live Metal, and as you beat bosses, you get their Live metals, until you have ones for all of X's old generals as well. Look at this video first. Oh, and YOU, you know who you are, if you don;t follow the links, you won't know what I am talking about! This second video has a more gameplay-oriented build, so check it out so see the game in action. Anyhow, I don't know when this game is coming out, but it's for the DS, and it will be the coolest thing since the Ice Age.

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Sarah Mitt said...

Wow, I think that looks cool.

The first video looks totally like it would be a cool anime on its own.

But the second one really shows how well it works in game play. I've love to watch that game, I'd suck at playing it but I wouldn't mind watching it, even though some of the bug looking enemies are yucky looking.

I like some kind of action figures or models iwht the live metal armour would be cool too.