Friday, March 24, 2006

First Day in Canada

Here I am at the lovely Vancouver Hilton on McKay street I wish I could upload pics, but my card reader flat out refuses to operate correctally. The Hilton is part of the Crystal Mall, which is an Asian mall. Some cool stuff here, and I even got to see a couple good looking Asian babes, one in particular was quite hot, but scampered off before I could ask for her phone number or email address. There are a few stores here that seel the kind of goodies I like, one that sells lots of capsule toys, Transformers, and Gundams, one that sells lots of anime and OSTs and some Gundams and capsule toys, and one that sells mostly Gundam models and plushies. I bought from all three today. ^~^

From the first store, I bought some cute posable capsule toy chicks. Actually, they look to be mostly variations of the same chick, but one in particular was quite cute. I think I saw this at Remy's site once. Anyhow, at the second store I bought the entire series of Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex. I would have bought SAC: 2nd Gig as well, but it wasn't dubbed bi-lingual. As for the third store, I picked myself up a HGUC Advanced Hazel and a set of Gundam Markers. So, new capsule toys, new Gundam, new anime. I'm set! I saw from pretty things that I didn't buy though. Each of those stores had a HG 1/60 scale Strike Freedom, ranging from the $190 range to the $170 range. The store with models and plushies had every Gundam model I could ask for, including some nice MG Zetapluses, MG Freedom Gundam, MG Mk-II ver. 2.0, MG Zeta Ver. 2.0, and just about every recent SEED kit known, like the HG Destiny Gundam. (Don't fret too much Tim, it was $45) I also saw a lot of PGs I need: the Mk-II Titans, the GP-01, the Zeta, the Skygrasper, the Strike, and the WZC. Though on that last item, I think the MG WZC is better in many ways. I saw that too. I was in heaven. There were some cool FIX figures at the anime shop, and I almost walked out with a GFF F90 one, but I resisted, as it was $75. I have said in the past that I could spend any amount of money at this mall, and refreshing my memory of this place has only cemented that idea.

Anyhow, very sorry that I have no pics, and I'll check in again tomorrow when I have more news.

PS. Danny Choo's site has info on a new SAC show, called Solid State Society. He also has a bunch of pics and a video. One of the pics shows the Major in her undies, ooohh!


Dark MK said...

You got a Hazel!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!

Sarah Mitt said...

I'm jealous you got SAC, how much did it cost?

Chaos Incarnate said...

SAC was a Hong Kong import (bootleg) and cost $60. I'm trying to figure out if I have enough money on my card to pick up a couple panel lining Gundam Markers.

Sarah Mitt said...

Ohh, a bootleg, well then I don't feel so jealous, though knowning your luck it will work out perfectly. My luck with bootlegs hasn't been so good.
Anyhow, I am going to send ya an email now.

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