Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Revoltech figures

Recently, Danny Choo had a post about Revoltech figures. It showed some cool stuff and these tiny joints that made mini-figure posability feasable. In that post, he showed pictures of Evangelion, Devil May Cry, and a couple robots like Shin Getter Robo. Anyhow, there was an anime exhibition recently, and there they showed some cool Revoltech goodies.

This first picture shows the Eva-01 and Eva-00 in their boxes, just waiting to be released from their paper and plastic prisons. Poor guys.....

Here are some more figures in this line, looks like they are gonna have a full lineup. I see the Unit-04, the Unit-03, the Unit-00' Kai. I also see that they have a pretty good attention to detail, the Unit-04 doesn't look like it has a power plug, which is keeping with the details. The Unit-04 used an experimental S2 engine, which is what cause the unit and the entire Nevada NERV outpost vanish.

Here we have the yellow Unit-oo with the space shuttle shield and the experiemental positronic rifle. The posability on these figures is pretty good, seeing as how they are probably only about four inches tall or so. In the background we see the Eva-04 and the Eva-00' again.

Here we have the Unit-02 and the Unit-01. Doesn't look like the Unit-02 comes with the production positron rifle, but I suppose that can be forgiven. However, the Unit-01 DOES come with the swords as seen in the manga

And in the last image, we see the Unit-01 with all sorts of cool accessories. Multiple heads and hands. Mmmmm, goodies.... Anyhow, I've always wanted a full set of Evangelions to do some full loadout operations against my Gundams. Oh, and before I go, check out this cool Evangelion bicycle!

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