Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today was a Google Video day.

Yeah, I got on Google Video today to find some cool stuff, and I think I did a pretty good job. First I went on to try and find some good Stargate stuff, and I found a couple things. First up, I found this video of Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson in a fun little blooper reel. Next up is a couple of producers singing along to the SG-1 intro, the hidden lyrics!!! After coming up with a bunch of nothing after that, I started to search Gundam, then figured that I had done that to death, and I wanted to check out on Evangelion. So I searched that and found some great goodies. First up, anyine who is vaguely intrested in Evangelion needs to see this video. In my opinion, one of the best music videos EVAR!!!! The next video was kinda funny, the Cruel Windows' Thesis. This next one is a music video, "In The End." Cool song, cool video. This next AMV is really wicked cool as it is, but the subtitles are what makes it worth it. Anyhow, last but not least, a soundclip from MGS: Substance, with Evangelion clips. Coolness.


Sarah Mitt said...

Wow! Those were all super cool! I think I've seen that music video of Eva before but its still wicked cool and that blooper from SG but still funny. And the SG theme was too funny. My favorite is the cruel windows one. And you're right the end one is great just for the subtitles, but I do like that it shows more of Pen Pen!!!!! That last one though is really like a trailer for Eva I say.

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