Saturday, March 11, 2006

Strike Freedom relit!!

Yay!! I have finished rebuilding my Strike Freedom! Is is very dim, since the LEDs are not nearly as bright as the filamant bulbs, but it's still bright enough to look cool. Just think, a few hours ago my Strike Freedom was almost completely unrecognizable as a Gundam. From there I put new LEDs into the chest and arms, then worked on the wiring for the head. Instead of using a yellow light for the head, I used a mini green one, and it looks good. Anyhow, all in all, I recommend using the very cool USB technique, just be very very certain that you wire a resistor into the circuit to keep them from burning out!!

And in closing........ Primus doing disco.

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Jak Crow said...

Can you provide details as to what you did regarding replacing the original lights with LEDs and how you added the resistors? I'm going to be getting the same model, and I was interested in the LED rewire.