Monday, March 27, 2006

Secretly in love...

Yes, I think I'm secretly in love. Or maybe not so secretly. It's not with any of the hot hot Asian chicks I saw in Canadia, and it's not with Major Kusinagi, (I think she might be lesbian). No, my true fiery passion lies with the FALKEN, a hidden plane unlockable in Ace Combat 5. Well, apparently it's gonna be in Ace Combat Zero as well, since Bandai made a EX Kit of it. Anyhow, the FALKEN is hot, I mean, insanely hot. And in that red color scheme, it's lustfully hot. I mean, it's about the hottest thing since the Mave Yukikaze. I should pick up this kit. This is the plane I put hours into the game for. This is the plane that made me break my no-cheat policy on the game so I could afford it. This is the plane that comes with the most insane secondary weapon ever. The laser cannon can fry any target in mere moments. This plane can kill anything that flies, rolls, runs, sits, walks or twitches. My work in Ace Combat 5 to get the x-02 has practically ceased, since I have been falling over the FALKEN. I'm not easily moved by a plane, but this one has got me. I'll park it in my garage next to my M1 Abrams and my S2000. Yep.


Sarah Mitt said...

Maybe I just don't like tanks the same way you do but I think it would look like junk next to a S2000 and that Falken.

Chaos Incarnate said...

You apparently have no understanding of these things.

Anonymous said...

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