Saturday, March 25, 2006

Second day in Canada, first day in the con.

This morning I woke up and got geared up. The first order of business was to go downstairs to catch a bus, but while I was waiting I popped some SAC in my gizmo and saw a couple episodes. At 11 I went downstairs and boarded the bus with my sister and mom, ready to go visit Bridge Studios. Bridge Studios is the largest sound stage complex in Canada, and possibly in all of North America. It's called Bridge Studios because the Golden Gate bridge and many other bridges were built indoors at this facility, then shipped to the final location. Nowadays it's used to film Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and some show called Dead Like Me. There, we toured the sets for Stargate. I took many pictures, none of which I can show, since I signed a waiver. The first part we saw was the SGC corridors. Most notably for me, I saw the place where the dude ran over Daniel Jackson about 50 times in Window of Opportunity. After that, we went on to see the Gateroom, (BTW, the cool big guns the point at anyone coming into the SGC, yup, they're made of wood.) After that, we went up to the control room, and a few people stuck their hands on the iris controls. Above that, there is the meeting room, and the general's office. BTW, situatated throughout the base in several locations are shiny red buttons. I pushed a few, they don't do much. I'm sure tomorrow I'll read in the paper about disasters in China or something. After that, we went through the cave and villiage sets, and trooped through the spaceship set. There is no ceiling on that spaceship, neither is there glass on the front viewport. The command chair is comfy though. From there, we went to some SGA sets. First was the puddlejumper set. It's real cool. Pretty lights inside and whatnot. The jumper is only whole on one side. The other side is all framing. After that, we went on to the Atlantis control room. We all took turns being shot on film in front of the Atlantis gate, then browsed through the control area. After that we all shipped out and got on the buses. That was a fun trip.


Sarah Mitt said...

Wow! I am even more jealous of that! So did the wavier say you can't publish them online or some other media but maybe you could show them for private use, such as showing them to one of your bestest friends? (Me!)

Dark MK said...

Wow sounds like your having a great time, Cant wait to here about all the kool stuff you did, come home safe bro:)