Thursday, December 14, 2006

The best Wii Strap evar!!

So, I don't know if anyone here has heard about the Wii Strap problems. Apparently, people are swinging their Wii straps furiously as they get their butts kicked in Wii Sports, and the strap breaks as teh g-forces hit 300G's, then the Wiimote goes flying at 200mph and they are damaging stuff with them. I have heard of several TVs falling to the dreaded strap, and some windows, and some lamps. No casualties have been reported yet, and no Wiimotes have been damaged yet either. Anyhow, this strap here will solve all your flying Wiimote problems for good!

BTW, for the record, I have never encountered any problems with the Wiimote. All I can say to the people that ARE, is just focus on your grip! Don't let go!

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"Char-toys" for google blog search said...
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"Char-toys" for google blog search said...

this is a wicky nice picture. I like it man. you should totally show to Nintendo <^^>, and they might manufacture their own grip~
I like Gundams and Robot figures too, come check with us often~