Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gundam Collection Neue Ziel vs Dendrobium

Ever heard of the Gundam Collection series? For most of it's length, it's been a bunch of pretty nice PVC Gundam figures. I have quite a few of them myself, since I love to collect gashapon. Sadly, I have my gashapon boxed up at the moment, else I would snap some photos of my cute little Gundams. Anyhow, all of these figures are 1/400 in scale, which makes for some pretty tiny mecha. Though Bandai has been known to pull out some incredible tricks! One time they released a 1/400 White Base kit, with all sorts of opening hatches and storage compartments for your little Gundam toys. This time around, Bandai releases one of my all time favorites, the GP-03D Dendrobium! Oh yeah, and the Neue Ziel, so the Dendro has someone's trash to kick. I know, I know, I can hear it now, "Oh, but Zak, the Dendrobium was wasted in the final battle, and the Neue Ziel went on to plot spoilers someone." Yeah, so what? The guy who was piloting it, he was a world class wuss. Anavel Gato would have toasted him handidly if their Mobile Armors were switched.

Anyhow, onto pictures!!!

The two figures come in one box, since it is a vs. pack, and said box is loaded up with all sorts of sweet graphics!

The parts come on about 43 runners, if I count correctally, and here's the best part:

They're pre-painted!!! All the parts that need painting have it supplied right out of the box! Some panel lining would make this model sing, but it's as close as you are going to a snip and snap kit.

This kit is so awesome, because it comes with all the miniature goodness of the sweet HGM 1/550

but with all the awesome detail of the 1/144 HGUC Dendrobium. Look, the weapon boxes even open up to deploy missles and weapons!!

As with the HGUC, all it's really missing is the Strike Chain!

The Neue Ziel never had a HGUC to compare against, but it shows some considerable improvement over the HGM version.

It's supposed to have four beam cannon/beam saber arms that pop out and provide additional support. The HGM model did this by four removable arms that you can attach at will. The Gundam Collection Neue Ziel has four articulated arms, with removable clear beam sabers that you can deploy, or fold them into the shoulders of the figure, sweet!

Both figures come with stands that support them and they also come with additional Mobile Suits to complete the scenes. Included is the Gerbera Tetra, complete with an attachment to stick it on the end of the Dendrobium's Long Cannon, and the GP-03 Stamen module, complete with additional arms that are attached to it's various weaponry, and also extra arms with the extended claws for retrieving said weapons, and also with said weapons, for storing in the Orchis module's weapon boxes for deployment!



All in all, these make very nice looking models, I'm thinking about getting a set!

And until next time, amuse yourself with a sweet Gundam Evolve video!

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