Friday, December 08, 2006

MG Strike Freedom Full Burst mode

Ka chow! Found this at Gunota, some awesome pics of the MG Strike Freedom special edition, apparently called the Full Burst Mode. As I said in my previous blog posting, this version includes everything from the regular version, plus the special stand, the DRAGOON effects parts, and gold chrome plated parts.

How's that for a kickin looking box picture? Not quite as low-key as MGs usually have it, but it's still really cool.

Here's a closeup of the boxart:

All the gold parts have nice Photoshop shine on them, I kinda wish I knew how to do that. I guess I have something new to teach myself.

The gold parts are supposed to be more chromey than this, but it's possible that the build threw some dullcote or something on it.

There's that shield again, still looking variated, though I'm certain this model has been painted up, so that could be airbrushed.

I really like that the mounts of the DRAGOONs are also gold, unlike all the previous model and figure releases.

Here is the special stand that this release comes with. It is my
understanding that Bandai is going to start releasing these stands
seperately, and that they doo all sorts of snazzy things like lock
together and whatnot.

This stand has an extendable part and about three joints on the end so that you can stick the Gundam on it and put it in any position your little heart desires.

This shows the snazzy little parts that make the DRAGOONs fly around. Clear blue parts for the thrust effects, and little clear sticks to mount them on.

This image shows the articulation of the wings. The DRAGOON mounts all extend a little bit, and also retract, though it's a fact that is often missed, since basically every picture of the MG Strike Freedom shows them extended.

This kit is gonna be really awesome when it comes out later this month!

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Sarah said...

That is sooooo cool! I really like what the stand does for it and the dual bladed ligh--er beam saber.

Yeah you need that. Or you need to built one for me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Muahaha I got this in China...(Beacause I'm Chinese XD and I live somewhere else)
It cost 840 RMB (Chinese Yuan)
I got this from my mothers friend.
I'm verry happy ^^ and I agree it's super cool!!!
Want to ask me something about it?

Anonymous said...

Im atually on it and its pretty nice. I might finsh it in 2 days.

Anonymous said...

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