Thursday, December 07, 2006

MG Strike Freedom!

Okay, so I found this page, I have no idea what it's called. But, it has Master Grade Strike Freedom pics, so I'm posting it, because I ganked their pics.
I don't read question mark language

The first picture is of the display case, with not one, but TWO MG Strike Freedoms inside, pleading with you, "Please! Why do they call us Strike FREEDOM if they put us in this acrylic cage??"
"Just steal us already!"

The design of Master Grade Gundams has been steadily increasing. Anyone remember the days of the MG Zaku II and the MG Gundam? Man, those kits sucked. The only removable armor was on the head, and the backpack. The posability was awful, and the sculpting was done by a drunken monkey. Nowadays, if the model doesn't rock six kinds of awesomeness, Bandai executes the designer and gets someone new.

Both of these kits show off the genius and passion of the designers.

The first picture there shows one with the beam shield and both beam sabers out, the next one has it's beam rifles locked together to go kick some trash.

I think it's getting ready to blow a hole in the case so you can take them home.

The DRAGOON equipped wings of the MG Strike Freedom are much mroe articulate than any of the models to come before. The wings are each composed of two pairs of DRAGOON mounts, and the pairs rotate seperately from each other, then they can also flex outward, like in the previous models. However, they also extend slightly as well, this makes the gold gap in the wings, up towards the base of the DRAGOON mount. BTW, for thos of you curious as to why I am capitalizing DRAGOON, it's because it stands for Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network. That doesn't really mean anything, but DRAGOON sounds cool.

The shoulder uses the now-standard off center extending multijoint, which premiered in the G Gundam 'Action Frames.'

The thigh armors have a sliding feature, and the knees have a double motion feature (the black part and the white part both move).

Here's a little bit of Gundam upskirt action. Don't let the kiddies see this!

"You're next, sucka!"

As far as I can tell, this model isn't painted, only having panel lining and decals applied. Meaning, what you see, even the little grey parts on the knees and the red vents atop the wings, are molded in color. The gold frame parts look like the same color as the HG144 and H100 models, but are NOT the same as the HG60 Strike Freedom Lighting edition.

This one seems to be missing some love. It has both of it's beam sabers together in their dual mode. Some of the previous models had a connector they fit into, or an additional part with two openings, but the MG model has the saber hilts lock together to do this.

I should also point out that the MG Strike Freedom will come in two flavors, the regular and special editions. The regular is what you see here. The special edition will come with all of this, plus one of the new stands Bandai is gonna start putting out, plus clear plastic parts to make your DRAGOONs appear to fly around on their own, plus all of the gold parts with be plated in gold chrome, making it extra shiny!

This beam shield looks a heck of a lot better than your average beam shield, though I am not sure if it comes like this. So far, all of the ones I've seen do look this way, but it could be airbrushing. However, I am fairly sure this model isn't painted, so I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait until it gets produced, which will be sometime this month!

"So long, suckers!"

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