Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mahoro-san on bike, from Kotobukia.

So, back in November of 2002, Kotobukia released their Mahoro & Sports bike figure resin kit. It was kind of an interesting mixture for modelling fans, since it mixed two different types of kits. First of all, the figure. Mahoro is a fixed pose resin kit, and, like most girly kits, there's not a lot of parts that go into her. However, there's also the bike, which was, like most mechanical type kits, made up of a bizzillion parts, most of them very tiny. So you have the figure for girly fans, and the bike for mechanical fans, it was a very interesting mix of styles. I wanted one, since I'm a huge fan of Mahoromatic, but the $167 (not including shipping!) price tag, AND the fact that I had never touched a resin kit in my life, both dissuaded me from buying. I did see a built one in Vancouver BC once, but it was about $300. I was tempted though!

Fast forward to current times, where Kotobukia felt they would take pity on us poor guys with no modelling sense, and release a PVC figure that takes no sanding, test fitting, drilling, gluing, priming, masking, or painting! YAY!! Other than that, it's identical to the previous release.

Mahoro comes dressed in her standard maid's uniform, or as she likes to call it, her 'battle dress uniform for the home.' She also is armed with her personal use magnum, though sadly, the sweet bike never made it into the show. It did, however, make it onto the cover of one of the DVDs.

All that needs to be done when this figure leaves the box, is just put the cowling on the bike, put Mahoro on the bike, and clear some room! Here is the internal details of the bike.


Sarah said...

Whats the price tag on this one?

Eric said...

Holy cow! I love the MV agusta bikes. Plain and simple. This is a great model indeed

Chaos Incarnate said...

Ah, so that's what this bike is. I saw a model of that bike one time in the mall, and remembered that it was the same as the one Mahoro rode, but later I couldn't remember the name of the bike.