Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Transformers Movie toys!

Logged onto TFW today and saw these suckers. Pretty nice reward for just loading a page. These are the toys for the Transformers Live Action movie, and I guess they look pretty good. At the very least, they actually look like transformers, instead of just robots, like Prime and Bumblebee, did in their CGI forms. Anyhow, this first one is named Barricade. He's a Ford Mustang Saleen, and he has an awesome lat mode. His bot mode looks pretty decent too, though it appears to be full of kibble. His legs don't look like they integrate any car parts, so it kinda look like he's gonna have most of a car hanging off his back. BTW, the little freaky-bot is called Frenzy. I think it's supposed to turn into a CD stereo or something.

This next one is Bumblebee, the old Camaro version. There is a new Camaro coming out, and Bumblebee upgrades to the latest model sometime in the movie. Since the bot mode of this toy looks very similar to the bot mode of the movie (upgraded) BB we've seen, you can count on THAT toy being just a remold of this toy, only the alt mode changed. Anyhow, the smudged you see on this toy are supposed to be rust spots and whatnot. The original prototype we saw of this toy had clear plastic for all the parts that had windows, but now they are all obviously yellow plastic. The Bot mode is pretty good too, though it really emphasizes how much of a liar Michael Bay is when he said the transformations would involve no cheating.

This last brute is called Brawl. As you can see, he's a giant friggin' tank. And then he turns into a giant friggin' robot. Not much more to say at this point, maybe more later.

I guess these guys look okay, but they really don't make me super excited to go out and get them. I guess I'm not going to be too broke up about being on a mission when these things hit shelves.

Again though, all I can say, is that SPX guy has the best job. All the Transformer prototypes go through him, it seems.

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Sarah said...

I really like Barricade. I might get him. I like Bumblebee too, but Barricade is my fave out of those.

Chaos Incarnate said...

Well, I've always felt that the movie toys looked really weird, but that the toys would probably be better. This proves my point, but doesn't improve my opinion.