Sunday, February 05, 2006

Christening the new blog!

Actually, I should say, my first blog, and actually, my only blog. I have been thinking about making a blog for some time now, just a place to dump some excess random thoughts now and then, and my mind kept coming around to a blog. My brother has a blog now, where he writes as a game console analyst, and my sister has a blog, where she writes about all the cool stuff she gets to do in her daily life. I've also been reading Danny Choo's blog a lot, and just real recently decided to move out of the shadows. Anyhow, the message board I frequent most, TFW2005, just updated to a new style, and included blogs in that, and maybe I'll do that, but I felt I wanted something a bit more in no man's land. I named it Digital Gashapon for a couple reasons. First and foremost, the more obvious references to my username were taken, also other little self descriptive terms like Wordsmith. Secondly, I felt that gashapon, a favorite of mine, was a good analogy. Gashapon are small toys or figures that come from vending machines in Japan. You can also buy them in little boxes. They are randomly packaged, inexpensive, and pretty cool. This is what I will try to attain in my efforts.

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