Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Zak to the rescue!!

Heh heh, today, I was in a meeting with a correspondence of mine, when I looked to the skies. There, shining in the clouds, the Zak Symbol!! Someone needs my help! Quickly I finished my meeting and got to a phone booth, where I changed in an instant from mild mannered Zak Hale to The Stupendous Zakman, Freelance Graphics Designer!! Off I rushed to the business place of my old employer, he needed help! Quickly I went in to assess the situation. Dave had a problem that the graphics designer he hired to replace me couldn't fix. Luckily, I knew what the problem was, and more importantly, I knew how to fix it! He was having issues consolidating his Pantone colors into a unified set. So I saved the day, and got $20 out of it. Cool. Oh, and he just upgraded to Adobe Creative Suite 2. Suite!

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Amanda said...

hey verry nice. well anyway maybe there will be hope for all human kind inthis to you later.