Friday, February 24, 2006

Onegai Twins gashapon.

Can you believe it? Almost a month with Digital Gashapon, and I haven't reviewed any gashapon yet. So anyhow, in this entry, I'm gonna try something new. Pictures! (Edit, pics not working the way I hoped...)

Some months ago, my ex-girlfriend/fiance bought me some capsule toys, one of them was this little figure, Miina Miyafuji from Onegai Twins. Pic Pic Pic

Cute, eh? Yeah, I thought so too, but as you can see, she's, ah, incomplete. The boxart shows her paired with the other chick from the series, Karen Onodera. So, after a bunch of badgering, I finally got the other half of this pair. Pic Pic Pic And she comes with this base, that, when combined with the part from Miina, makes a complete whole. There's even ripples in the half pool from where Miina puts her foot in.

From there, you put Karen on there, then manage to get Miina attached on there somehow, and in the end they make a really cute figure. Together, these figures make a pretty good pair, though seperate, they don't really look so good. Karen looks like she's about to pray to the porcelain god, and Miina looks mildly suggestive, but in the end they turn out fine.

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