Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Washington State Trooper is more than meets the eye!

So, tonight was an interesting night. I went to FHE like I do every Monday night, and I had fun, taught a lesson about the Armor of God. I brought my friend Tim (DarkMK) because he wanted to, it was fun. Afterwards, we went to a friend's house to socialize, and watched a bunch of stupidly funny Thumb movies. When that was done, I took Tim home, since he lives across the river from Pasco, and his car don't work so good. I was going down highway 240, and I am talking with Tim about something, and I see a car in the U-turn area. I know it's a cop, he's moving, and I look at my speedometer, I'm going about 65. In a 55 zone. He's after me. Sure enough, the cop pulls in behind me and turns on his blinkers. He tells me he lasered me at 64mph, and that's no good. In the state of Washington, that's a $91 fine. I get nervous and put on my best anti-ticket attitude. The cop says he recognizes my name, and had I been pulled over recently? I replied that yes, that cop did in fact pull me over a couple months ago, for the same problem. (I didn't get a ticket then, but since I was a repeat customer, I knew I was getting one now!) Then he notices Tim's Transformer wristbands. Tim is wearing an Autobot one on his right wrist and a Decepticon one of his left wrist. I am wearing my Decepticon tie tack that came with my RM seeker set. "Hey!" he says, "Transformers! I used to watch that when I was a kid! I had all the toys, and watched the show every day, they were great!" He also talked about M.A.S.K., and Go-Bots. We got to talking about the upcoming movie, and the current toylines, and stuff like that. Finally the guy says that he has enjoyed talking to us, but he needs to let us go, he's got other people to pull over. So, thanks to Tim and the Transformers, I don't need to pay another ticket! Yay! And my respect goes out to the officer that pulled me over. On the way back I saw him and about three other cruisers chasing a bad guy who didn't want to pull over. Best of luck to you guys, I hope you catch your man!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah it was interesting to say the least, and i thought the cop was kool