Monday, February 27, 2006

Proceeding as planned

Despite most of the LEDs in my Strike Freedom going out, I have decided to finish it anyhow. So I stayed up late last night to finish the wings. It's really looking nice now!
Oh yeah, I just realized that I took that picture while it was over the firplace, so my 4 year old nephew won't get to it. Anyhow, that's pictures of some of my extended family.


Benjdude said...

Hey Zak, I told you that you needed to add some resistors into your circuit or else you would burn out your LEDs. Turns out I was right eh? If you are going to redo the whole thing I might suggest getting some tri-color LEDS, finding your two favorite colors and making a switch circuit with just the two colors. If you wanted all three you need to get a switch with three pathways or else some logic circuits which I wouldnt recommend. Also, make a copy of Advent Children and Full-Metal Alchemist for me and Jonathan will bring them up when he visits. Call me if you have questions about this circuit.

Sarah Mitt said...

Wow, I love the wings!! So cool!
Now I think I want one for myself. ;-) Hmmm does it come in SD form?

Dang it I can't remember my password for this place!