Saturday, February 25, 2006

Strike Freedom update.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I got my Strike Freedom today. The thing was totally thrashed. The box was all crumpled and distorted. It is a complete miracle the parts weren't broken, though many of the frames were snapped in pieces. What happened was the dip who sent it, simply took the box the kit comes it, wrapped it in 'protective' brown paper, and mailed it through the Post Office. Right. First of all, those boxes are NOT mean't the be abused, they aren't rigid enough to stand up to it. The only kit boxes I have seen that are is the PG Zeta, PG GP-01, and HGUC Dendrobium Orchis. Secondly, the USPS is very infamous for beating the crap out of packages. I'll no longer ship through them, because so often boxes come to me destroyed. Long story short, use UPS, they rock.

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