Sunday, February 26, 2006

Good news and bad news,,,

The Strike Freedom has come together nicely, though I haven't been able to get the LED in the head to work properly. Also, though in my pictures, all five lights on the Strike Freedom are working, after having it plugged in and running off USB for about 30 minutes, the LED for the chest area burned out. So, it seems that I will be going to Radio Shack and picking me up some new goodies. You see, the main body is built to run off three AA batteries, (1.5v ea. x3 = 4.5v) however, the voltage I metered off the USB was 5.1v So, maybe the chest LED felt it was being overvolted. I need to pick up new supplies, though I'm not sure if I just want to replace the head and chest, or if I want to upgrade the entire kit with better LEDs. Maybe ones of a different color. I would ask for advice on this, but no one comments on my blog anyhow, so it would be a fruitless endeavor. UPDATE! The right leg LED is out. I'm totally getting all new LEDs. And now the right arm is gone. Man, I need to get some quality electronics in this bad boy.

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